Who I Am.

My name is Wade Johnston.

I am a disabled veteran that is dedicated to helping my military family succeed in their business and personal ventures.

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I grew up in Raleigh, NC.

…and was taught to have a deep respect for our veterans from a very young age. Both of my Grandfathers served in the military and I always enjoyed the stories that were told. Most of their stories were fun and lighthearted with a consistent theme about them making trouble for their superiors. I always wanted to give back to my country that provided a good upbringing for me, and a little while after graduating high school I entered the Marines. I was sent to Paris Island where I had an extended stay due to pneumonia, but I like to tell people it was just a really good time. Following boot camp I went to the school of infantry near camp Lejuene. I ended up serving for 6 years as a 0352 (anti tank guided missle man in 3rd battalion 8th marines and the 8th. I would have loved to make a career out of the Military but was cut short due to injuries to my left leg.

During my time served, I was deployed twice. My first tour was to Haiti and the other to Fallujah Iraq. In Haiti, I served as a driver/gunner in a Humvee. In Iraq, I was as a gunner before moving to the armory due to my deteriorating leg injury. I eventually was medically released, honorable of course, in 2009. At that point, I decided to take advantage of my GI bill. I obtained my degree with a focus in business management. I then decided to enter the insurance industry. I had the need to help people out of difficult situations and the insurance industry provides a way for me to do just that.

One thing I learned in the military is that a bond between brothers in arms is unlike any other. The relationships I formed during those times of tribulation cannot break. It is the bond that drives me to aid fellow veterans in any way I can. The best way I can do that is to provide security for everyday life and help my fellow patriots grow their businesses to maximum potential. I accomplish this by matching veteran owned businesses to a program that best fits their needs.